Mr. Godley Masoka Satikge, the managing director of Coronado Trading, started selling informal arts and crafts to local and international tourists on the side walk of the Hector Pieterson Memorial in 1997.


He was one of the first entrepreneurs to sell branded merchandise to local and international tourists. In 2014 he acquired a license to manufacture and sell ANC merchandise. This inspired him to identify a niche within the corporate gift and promotional industry.




Our vision at Coronado Trading is to:


  • make the customer feel our presence in every corner of South Africa
  • have a footprint in the SADEC region and other parts of the continent




Our customers are our true employers as we value our relationships. We treat our customers as long term partners and conduct our dealing with each other with honesty and integrity.




Coronado Trading is a supplier of corporate wear, gifts and promotional goods such as uniforms including:


  • skirts
  • shirts
  • pants
  • blouses


Promotional goods include:


  • caps
  • t-shirts
  • key chains
  • bandanas
  • umbrellas
  • stationery
  • water bottles